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Having the right parts available is critical to ensuring your business is always running smoothly and efficiently. Goslyn offers a wide variety of spare parts to help you keep your grease removal device in peak operating condition.

95% of all pipe repairs are caused by AVFOGS. It sticks to the inside of sewer pipes and eventually, the cumulative build-up can easily block the entire pipe resulting in major issues – costing you time and money.

Effective and Reliable

Effective and Reliable

When grease builds up, it can cause blockages in sewer lines, costing you time and money. With a Goslyn system you can rest assured that you will not only protect your business and the environment, but also realize a positive return on investment through the durability and overall longevity of the products. Customers across a wide range of industries leverage Goslyn solutions to ensure they have an effective and reliable system in place.

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