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Markets Served

Customers across a wide range of industries leverage Goslyn solutions to ensure they have an effective and reliable system in place. From foodservice operators and chains to design consultants, kitchen equipment suppliers and municipalities, Goslyn has a scalable solution for any requirement.

"The personal assistance and support, and that of your team, associated with the Goslyn product, were, in my personal opinion, instrumental in effecting a significant number of WingStreet conversions." -YUM Restaurants International

Goslyn products serve customers of all sizes in a myriad of applications, including:

Kitchen Equipment Suppliers

For kitchen equipment suppliers, the Goslyn system is a best-in-class choice for any size kitchen because of its small footprint, making it incredibly easy to install. It can be used with three-compartment sinks, dishwashers, prep sinks, woks, and kettles, while also offering an easy retrofit to existing equipment.

Design Consultants

For design consultants who plan out and design spaces in a variety of industries, including restaurants and food courts, Goslyn systems provide above ground installation options to fit any space requirements. Low-profile options available and every unit allows for multiple discharging configurations. Some requirements for kitchen layouts include the proximity to floor drainage lines, reducing the length of ‘at risk’ drain lines, floor drain locations, pipe size and outflow connection diameters, and whether commercial dishwashers are being utilized and what types, among others.


For engineers who spec locations and map out specifications for a site, Goslyn systems provide the flexibility and durability to meet any need. Various models offer a myriad of features from various flow control options, neoprene seals on the base and top of the unit, hygienic grade 304 stainless steel for strength and longevity, and outlet sizes, among others, while meeting (and exceeding) industry codes and standards.


For municipalities, Goslyn is a preferred choice and used across the United States. Municipalities use Goslyn systems because they meet and/or exceed state, county and city regulations with a 99.6% separation rate and a 96.4% grease removal efficiency – higher than other systems on the market.

Foodservice Operators and Chains

For foodservice operators and owners of chains, a Goslyn system is critical in the daily operation of each location and are generally a requirement by city and/or county code. When grease builds up, it can cause blockages in sewer lines, costing you time and money. Use a Goslyn system to ensure you protect your foodservice business and the environment.

Plumbers and Installers

For plumbers and installers who install grease removal devices, systems that fit the application, while complying with all applicable local and national laws, regulations, and codes, including electrical and plumbing codes, are required. Goslyn systems offer flexibility for any installation need – from small commercial kitchens to large-scale food processing facilities and industrial applications.