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Having the right parts available is critical to ensuring your business is always running smoothly and efficiently. Goslyn offers a wide variety of spare parts to help you keep your grease removal device in peak operating condition.
The Goslyn separator is sized to suit the kitchen equipment not the seating capacity. See our Sizing Guide tab.
In most restaurants, space is valuable. At Goslyn, we have designed our units to be installed virtually anywhere. In most applications we can install the device underneath a three compartment sink or prep table. The Goslyn Grease Recovery Devices vary in size and capacity; this allows us to fit each application specifically to your needs.
While we do recommend that you have a licensed plumber install the Goslyn, it is a very simple and straight forward design. Simply plumb the inlet to your source, and the outlet and silt valve to a floor drain and you will be ready to start protecting your pipes from costly grease buildups.
The Goslyn is designed for a 2” inlet, however (providing the flow rate is acceptable) you may use a 1.5” pipe with an adapter for the inlet. The Goslyn requires a minimum of 2” on the outlet.
No. The Goslyn Separator is open to atmosphere and there are no odors to trap. If you want to retain some height in the pipe run it may be worth fitting a trap at the sink just to get a couple of extra inches of fall.
You may have heard about the timer and scraper type systems. The Goslyn separator does not have any motors, scrapers or timers to clog, malfunction or adjust. Activation is caused by the inflow of effluent, which creates internal pressure to expel the FOG (fats oil and grease) from the patented valve and into a separate container. Every time the sinks empty the Goslyn separator works automatically.
Yes, the Goslyn is designed to stop grease at its source. It is different from a typical grease trap because it continuously separates and, most importantly, discharges the recovered FOG. Because it doesn’t have to store the separated grease, it is always operating at peak efficiency.
No. The Goslyn separator does not rely on any kind of chemical, enzyme or bacteria. We recommend against the use of these harmful additives.
When animal fats cool down after cooking they begin to solidify. The Goslyn™ has a heater included which will keep the FOG in a liquid state, which allows for it to be discharged from the unit.
No, the Goslyn separator is designed to be set onto the floor (above-ground system) and you will need to get access to the oil container and silt valve.
The FOG that the Goslyn separator collects is suitable for recycling for bio diesel. Most restaurants just pour it in with the spent fryer oil for collection.
The Goslyn separator is made from 304 stainless steel, the exterior framing measures 2.5 mm thick and interior walls measure 1.5mm thick. The Goslyn is built to be durable and last many years into the future.
The Goslyn separator has a solids capture basket, which collects everything down to 1/16 inch, and the silt vale enables the daily removal of organic sludge form the tank. Provided the maintenance is observed there will be no organics left in the Goslyn separator to decompose so there will not be any bad smells at all.
The Goslyn separator is intended to be sited close by the sinks etc it is protecting and in view of the kitchen staff. There is no reason other than space requirements to locate it away from the Kitchen. Remember that the drain lines from the sinks could get grease solidifying in them before they get to the Goslyn separator if the runs are too long.
The lowest inlet we have is 10 inches to the center line from the floor. If you need to collect from a floor drain you will need to use a pump to lift the effluent high enough. Consult with our technical department so that we may specify a solution that best fits your needs.
Provided the daily maintenance is performed the Goslyn separator will maintain its maximum efficiency, which is capable of reducing FOG to below 100ppm.
The Goslyn is covered under a five year parts guarantee. If any of part of the Goslyn fails under normal wear and tear within five years then we will replace it.
Yes, the Goslyn is compatible with most dishwashers on the market today. Special considerations apply to pump enabled dishwashers.
We recommend disposing the FOG according to your local City bylaws and/or your City’s garbage and recyclable collection programs. The collected FOG is not intended go to a Landfill.
Absolutely!! FOG collected from a Goslyn GRD is considered to be cleaner and a great candidate for Bio-Diesel.
The heater needs a 115 Volt outlet. It consumes 1000 watts and it is not on all the time, since its built-in thermostat controls its operation based on the water temperature used by the kitchen. The heater helps to keep animal fat fluid overnight, when the kitchen is not in operation.
The Goslyn separator meets and exceeds Industry Standards of less than 150 parts per million of FOG from going into the drains. It exceeds CSA, ASME, UPC and NFS Standards.
We recommend you to use your own plumber who already knows your kitchen, or if we happen to have a plumber in your City that knows the Goslyn separator, we would recommend him to be the 2nd choice. We provide, along with the Goslyn separator, an Installation Manual, which is straightforward to follow up for a successful installation process. We also have a direct line for your plumber to call in case he has a specific technical question. It always needs to comply with the local Plumbing Codes.
The heater needs a 115 Volt outlet. It consumes 1000 watts and it is not on all the time, since its built-in thermostat controls its operation based on the water temperature used by the kitchen. The heater helps to keep animal fat fluid overnight, when the kitchen is not in operation.

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