Kitchen Grease Trap | Low Drain Pump System

Low Drain Pump System

Goslyn’s low drain pump system (LDPS) is designed to accept effluent from drains as low as 1” above floor level (including lower ovens of double-stack rotisseries) – usually found at delis with rotisserie ovens that generate large amounts of fat. A LDPS ensures the capture of these high levels of effluent and is typically paired with a Goslyn (GOS40) automatic grease removal device (and a stand if required). The LDPS for rotisserie or combi-oven applications keeps your business running smoothly and efficiently.

25 billion gallons of used cooking oil is disposed of every week.

How it Works

  • The LDPS collects the effluent from the low-level drains into a reservoir tank.
  • When the reservoir tank becomes full, an integrated sensor signals the attached pump to evacuate the reservoir tank by pumping it into the Goslyn removal device.
How it works
Effective and Reliable

Effective and Reliable

When grease builds up, it can cause blockages in sewer lines, costing you time and money. With a Goslyn system you can rest assured that you will not only protect your business and the environment, but also realize a positive return on investment through the durability and overall longevity of the products. Customers across a wide range of industries leverage Goslyn solutions to ensure they have an effective and reliable system in place.

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