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Foodservice Operators

Thousands of restaurants use Goslyn technology in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia…and that number is growing exponentially each year as an ever growing number of Foodservice Operators realize the significant operating cost savings that Goslyn Separators can generate…cost savings that directly translates into bottom line profitability. One significant added bonus is the compact size/small footprint Goslyn Separators require, which enables the units to be easily installed in line at the point-of-use with virtually any process equipment that generates a daily volume of FOG that requires collection and separation.


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Foodservice Chains

Goslyn USA customers include: McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell, Chick-Fil-A, Buffalo Wild Wings, In & Out Burger, Costco and Sam’s Club, just to name a few. There is a goslynGrease Recovery Unit in the Meat-Deli Department of almost every Costco and Sam’s Club in the United States. Goslyn Separators help both small chain owners and large foodservice corporations across the nation save equally on operating costs and operate in environmentally conscious ways while also increasing sustainability.


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Design Consultants

Beyond offering design services for front-of-house areas, design consultants also focus heavily on back-of-house areas to uniquely harmonize all kitchen operations from prep to cleaning to enable versatility and a create an efficient work flow...often in limited space areas. Given frequent challenges in available kitchen space, design consultants especially appreciate the compact, small footprint that goslynSeparators require..which simplifies the task of situating Goslyn Separators in-line with FOG generating equipment such as sinks, Combi-ovens, Rotisseries, deep fryers and more.


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Plumbers/installers represent a Goslyn customer group of singular importance as these professionals shoulder the task of properly placing and installing Goslyn Separators in-line with sinks, Combi-ovens, Rotisserie ovens and other food preparation equipment where AVFOGS are being generated. The compact size/small footprint of Goslyn Separators provide plumbers/installers with a multitude of installation options throughout prep kitchens.


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Service Providers

Service providers represent a market that benefits greatly from the up to 99.6% efficiency that Goslyn separators achieve in collecting FOG. This significant reduction in FOG discharge makes periodic cleaning tasks easier and substantially reduces the risk that any blockages could form in discharge piping…creating both a costly and a messy, smelly clean-up or other remediation…not to mention possible citations and fines from municipa, county and state environmental agencies should an overflow reach ground water, aquifers or storm sewer collection systems.


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In order to reduce the grease load reaching sewage systems and to the spiraling cost of sewer maintenance and remediation of grease blockages (see “Fatburg” News story) cities in Great Britain, United States Canada and in a growing number of cities across Asia are adopting significantly more stringent standards that concentrations of AVFOGS can not exceed more than 30 mg / 1. The Goslyn team works closely with municipalities to help them better manage FOG discharge by others into sewage systems, and will also assist food preparation or foodservice businesses, clubs, food courts, schools/universities, hospitals or any other businesses that generate FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease) achieve best practices in effectively and responsibly dealing with efficient and ecologically smart FOG collection.


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