United States

GOS20 – 4 GPM Automatic Grease Removal Device

The Goslyn AGRD is the easiest and most effective automatic grease removal device on the market. No moving parts and no downtime waiting for parts designed to wear out.

  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge, grade 304 stainless steel exterior construction
  • Neoprene seals on base of the unit
  • Integral Vented Flow Control device included
  • Immersion heater (UL listed) to keep effluent warm during idle periods (110 Volt, 1000 Watts, 9 Amps within 5’ of the unit )
  • Self-closing drain valve included
  • Strainer basket to prevent solid debris from entering drain pipes
  • Easy access hinged lid compartments
  • Two oil collection cassettes included
  • No moving parts
  • Five Year Limited Warranty