Training Manual

The patented operating technology of Goslyn Separators that virtually eliminates FOGS in waste water effluent, might lead you to assume that it is complicated to operate and maintain….totally not true! With no moving parts, “extremely easy to operate” is one of the important reasons why Goslyn Separators are so popular.

Given the changing nature of the work force where many Goslyn Separators are in operation, we want to ensure that every Goslyn Separator is operating properly. In order to accomplish that, we have created easy to follow instructions on several topics…

  1. Operating Instructions
  2. Operation & Maintenance
  3. Maintenance & Troubleshooting, English and Spanish versions

Click the links below to download. Should you have any additional questions about the operation of Goslyn Separators that is not addressed in the guides listed here, please contact us at 1-888-648-5040 during normal business hours (Central time) for additional information.


Download our installation instructions guide (PDF format)

Download our operation and maintenance guide (PDF format)

Download our maintenance and troubleshooting guide (PDF format)

Download our maintenance and troubleshooting guide (Spanish, PDF format)