Combi-Rotisserie Ovens

A Deli typically uses rotisserie ovens to cook chicken. The bottom pan inside each oven has 1-1/2” deep water bath to create a moist cooking environment inside the oven. As the chicken cooks, there is a tremendous amount of chicken fat that drips into this water. The large grease content that results, can create costly blockages in sewer lines and traditional grease interceptors that need to be frequently pumped out.

Fortunately, many deli operators have discovered the significant advantages of connecting Goslyn Separators to their Combi-Rotisserie ovens. From a very compact footprint to 99.6% separation efficiency, Goslyn Separators virtually eliminate the risk of sewer line blockages by allowing a FOG discharge of barely 62 ppm into sewer lines…as compared to over 18,500 ppm discharged by traditional grease traps. In addition, the liquefied chicken fat collected by Goslyn Separators is converted into a high grade yellow grease by the separator that commands a top dollar from bio fuel producers.

Download the Goslyn Rotisserie Program Guide (PDF format)

Download the Goslyn Rotisserie Operating & Maintenance Instructions (PDF format)

Download the Goslyn Rotisserie Oven Program Installation Instructions (PDF format)